Captain Kyle



Kyle Bruening aka “Captain Kyle” loves to travel and loves what he does. Captain Kyle’s passion is to help you escape from your busy everyday lives and disconnect from stress so that you capture meaningful moments with those you love the most without the stress, risk, and spending countless hours researching on your own.


An Unexpected Event that Changed My Life 

I attended college full time, worked full time, partied full time, and spent an average of 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Over the course of three years, I experienced a couple of momentary blackouts. These frightened me but I always rebounded immediately. One day I was in class and felt the same symptoms but this time they did not go away and became very concerned, so I left the classroom and headed for the campus hospital.


My Wake-up Call

I could see the hospital, but it seemed so far away because I was extremely light-headed and weak.  Each step I took was a struggle. For the first time in my life, I was no longer able to just power through physically or mentally.  There was no one in sight. I began thinking I was not going to make it. Somehow, I willed myself through the hospital front doors. The next thing I knew I woke up 13 hours later in the hospital bed with the Doctor over me.

The Doctor informed me he felt I had overstressed my body and mind which caused it to shut down.  While being relieved it wasn’t a stroke or heart issue I was concerned since I was always in shape and an athlete.  I thought how could this happen at such a young age.


I Realized I Wanted to Balance Life and Stress

I needed to learn a way to counter my hectic lifestyle.  My first thought was I needed to take time off from my commitments, so I took my first vacation ever which was a 7-day Caribbean cruise.  I had the best time of my life, met new friends, created new memories and experiences. At the same time, I discovered the best vacation value.


My Aha Moment

But what really caught my attention was upon picking up my car at the airport and driving home. I was living in Houston; TX and the traffic is as bad as any other major city.  Typically, cars would zoom past me and me doing the same to others.  This day was different.  While driving home which was approximately one hour, I could not believe how relaxed I felt and was. I drove the speed limit, without stress as the speeders and crazy drivers zoomed past me. From that day forward I vowed to take at least one vacation a year for life.


A Life of Memories and Experiences Second to None

Thus, how I got into travel.  I have since met many people who use this same technique to reduce stress, connect with themselves, their family, and live healthier lives.  Personally, I have never had a re-occurrence dating back to my college days 40 years ago.


In 1997, I founded Cruise Finder Inc. urging others to follow my path and take a vacation.  It is my belief vacations are essential to your well-being.  More so in today’s age than ever before. Take control, take your life and health back. Take a vacation. 


Seller of Travel Certificate: FL ST29042